Monday, November 28, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 3, 2016

This D list celebrity offspring who has celebrity sibling(s) is seen around with guys close to her age but with rare exceptions it is guys who are double or triple her age who she is hooking up with outside the camera eye.

Sofia Richie


sandybrook said...

Tobey Maguire was 2 1/2 x her age for his wham bam thank you m'aam.

longtimereader said...

Young girl with daddy issues?

Elizabeth said...

That poor girl doesn't have a chance. Her parents don't even care that she's already working as a high priced hooker. She doing drugs and probably has every STD there is. Will she even live to 30?

And-so-on.. said...

Following the free soul philosophy and hippie lifestyle in abhorrence of conventional social forms the late great beatnik bohemian Maynard G Krebs.. shouting in fear, "WORK?!! Marriage?!! Police?!!!! and then faints.

Dumblesnore said...

Lil' bulldog wants that money too.


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