Friday, November 04, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

April 27, 2016

This B list film actress just completed a round of publicity for one of her recent films. When she was looking at the photos of herself she decided she didn't like what she saw. Even though she's incredibly young she decided to have a face lift. Now, she can't stop smiling. No, I mean the skin is so tight now that it is really uncomfortable unless she is smiling all of the time. This is someone who never smiled. What makes it worse is that she is going around telling everyone that she has never had any work done. Uh-huh.

Christina Ricci


sandybrook said...

36 is young in the real world.

Hmmmm said...

She always looked like a kewpie doll now she'll look like a crazy kewpie doll. I think this could be easily reversed, the skin can be "let down "a little after awhile.

Lala said...

She will always be Wednesday Addams to me.

Wendy said...

Now and Then is probably my favorite movie with her. Or Casper.

gh said...

dont care i would still destroy her


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