Sunday, January 01, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Old Hollywood

September 7, 2016

Even though this host was nominated for almost a handful of Academy Awards she was more known for an iconic television role. She was a trailblazer in hosting but got into an epic fight with her co-host during the show which continued throughout the night every time they were offstage. It took almost a decade before another female was given a chance to host because of course they blamed it on her.

Agnes Moorehead/Dick Powell


sandybrook said...

Agnes Morehead was an acclaimed actress, Oscar noms, Emmys GGs, she wasn't a host. Maybe Powell fits that some but he did plenty of other stuff



sandybrook said...

N\m I understand what this is--she was the first female to host the Oscars.

Jessica said...

Tale as old as time, women get blamed for men's screw ups.

Hot cola said...

Because their delusional egos & fragile sense of worth cant take it.

Ashley said...

Same reason why women couldn't get a late night talk for decades, Joan screwed up and gave Victoria's phone number costing the network millions, they would never hire a woman after that.


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