Sunday, January 01, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #31

October 3, 2016

One of the more famous Hollywood killings didn’t actually happen in Hollywood. It happened in NYC. Over the past few weeks, there has been some new information about the case which has always been whispered about, but never really explored. It involves the sibling of a former B+ list mostly television actress who hit it big on two television shows and kind of big on another three or four. The sibling traveled the country interviewing celebrities. She often traveled first class and also often accompanied some of the celebrities when she was tagging along doing a day in the life kind of story. Because of who she knew, and the amount of traveling she did, she was asked to smuggle drugs on nearly every trip. Most of the time she was acting on the behalf of record companies who wanted her to bring it from one coast to another.

All of the courier work paid five or six times what she earned in her regular job. She made her money by doing high volumes of trips because there was not really that big of a risk at the time for her. She wanted a big score though. This is where some of the new information comes in. Apparently there was a religious organization that at the time made most of its money smuggling drugs. Vast quantities of it. The religious organization was a US offshoot of a global religion. They used the money for new construction and to line the wallets of the leaders of the organization. The sibling got involved and was supposed to be the person who handled payoffs and logistics for a very important shipment of drugs. Well, one of the people also involved got busted by the cops for something and ended up talking a lot. The police released him to try and turn his bosses. The bosses caught on to him and tortured him. To try and save his own life he said the sibling was working with the police which is why he had been caught. It wasn’t true, but the bosses didn’t want to take a chance so they called her into town and killed her and left her to be found in a very public place.

Denise Nicholas (actress)/Michele Burgen (sister/Ebony Magazine)/Nation Of Islam


No said...

Holy shit. I have no idea who these people are.

Kathy said...

Denise Nichols was always so beautiful and talented. Loved her in Room 222 as a kid and as Carol O'Connor's love interest in the Heat of the Night.

S.D.AUNTIE said...

Yes. Denise Nichols was great on Room 222. Always wondered what happened to her.

Jessica said...

A friend of mine in college parents had been involved with the Nation of Islam for years, became fairly high ranking, until they found out they sold drugs to the black community they were publicly saying there were saving. They left San Francisco in the 1970's without telling anyone, and moved to a small town in the midwest to escape the Nation.

Josie said...

In SF, I used to work with a woman who belonged to Nation of Islam, and she basically hated any group that wasn't black, especially whites and Jews. She got away with it because she was a minority herself.

Mar said...

The town where I live, politics are everything. It's a small town. Smallish county but heavy politics....Democratic. There is an annual event that a local group put on. No one knows that much about it but it's a pretty big event. It's called Day of Atonement. The group putting it on is affiliated with the Million Man March and other events. These guys lean heavily on local politicians for sponsorships and to buy tickets. So I asked questions about what it was....especially when someone with the title Imam is mentioned. I found out it's part of Nation of Islam and so I don't support it. Make no buts about it, there's a steady infiltration of these groups in very insidious ways.


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