Friday, February 10, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 14, 2017

This A+ list producer/record executive/former reality star with a name like an initialed city is in big trouble with his employer. It seems as if the A+ lister brought in his personal barber on company time and also allowed another handful of employees to also get their hair cut by the barber. The cuts were not cheap but the executive billed them all to the company on his expense account so was getting reimbursed by the company every couple of weeks for the haircuts of others.

L.A. Reid


sandybrook said...


longtimereader said...

Hardly hookers and blow on account is it? considering how much money he's made for them.

Sharper Teeth said...

Are these haircuts supposed to be a euphemism?

Zilla1 said...

It doesn't matter if it's hookers & blow , stocks & bonds, haircuts or anything else.

Fraud is fraud is fraud. If it wasn't a legit business expense, you don't claim it. You can get fired anywhere for that. Not only is it theft, you're lying to your employers.

And as was pointed out in the original blind comments sections, these haircuts were likely by a high end stylist, costing hundreds of dollars each.


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