Friday, February 10, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

August 3, 2016

The PR team of this A+ list NFL player are playing spin the bottle when it comes to finding a reason other than the truth when it comes to press availability for a certain pending question being asked this week. So far, the tabloids are playing the we will print whatever you want us to print and treat it as gospel truth game.

Aaron Rodgers (whether he will attend his brother's wedding)


longtimereader said...

I feel sorry for the closet case.

RenShaw said...

Poor Aaron is messed up, but it seems his family doesn't help the situation.

Everly said...

I feel bad that his family, specifically Jordan, have made this rift public. Whether he goes or not shouldn't be made public.
But I'm sure that Jojo and Jordan will milk either his attendance or lack there of for all it's worth. All those E! News/US Weekly/ET interviews!

information desk said...

Feel bad for Aaron his narcissistic family are gold digging fame chasing whooorres
I think he uses Olivia quite well as a buffer to get them to stay out of his business
I remember reading that his mother or parents would just show up unannounced to stay for weeks on end and that is a grown yass boy..
Don't blame him for using Olivia as a tough Asian buffer

Wendy said...

Oh please, I highly doubt there will ever be a wedding.

Count Jerkula said...

Gay or not, he is the best QB in the NFL. Lousy O-line and lack of running game have been killing the Packers.

Sexual Chocolate said...

Aaron Rodgers is a jerk. Not a leader, all about him. So he's gay who cares? He's a great QB though.


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