Friday, November 24, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Anniversary Month

February 13, 2014

When they got married she was a B list mostly television actress at the peak of her fame. She had been on a very hit show and thought she would make money forever. She also listened to her at the time A list celebrity who told her he would always take care of her and the pre-nup was just to protect them in case something bad happened in life, not their marriage. She believed him and signed a horrific pre-nup. She believed him when he said he loved her even though he cheated on her hundreds of times. She stuck by him through him getting other women pregnant and bringing home STD's to his wife. She believed him when he told her he would take care of her after their divorce. He split with the wife because he found someone younger. She signed a ridiculous agreement and he would give her a few bucks every now and again while still sleeping with her any chance he got. She believed him and all his lies and still at her rock bottom he called her the other day and she went running over to his place for sex and more promises. Her life has been ruined by this guy and she keeps going back.

Donna D'Errico/Nikki Sixx


sandybrook said...

You'd think Pammie might have pulled her over and explained to her what the guys in the Crue were all about? They both have such similar lives.

Alexandria said...
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Sd Auntie said...

That's really too bad. Such a pretty girl and he just looks like crap

Jayne said...

She needs a healthy dose of self respect.

He may be an ass, but she keeps running back to him like a fool.

Gator said...

I like her, but Sixx has always acted like an arrogant douchebag.

Misty said...

I’ve been saying it for years. Arrogant tit.

BlissBoo said...

Needs lots of therapy. Loss of self esteem, respect, and love for herself. I hope she finds someone who will love the heck out of her.

The heart wants what it wants when it hears the lies and promises. I feel for her.

I've been there, done that, and when I woke up all you feel is the loss of time that you wasted and how stupid you've been.

It's been 16 years and I still regret it.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Tommy is a decent guy, for an extremely famous person with a huge dick. He's a drummer, so he's simple. (Know people who know him, etc.)

Frank AKA Nikki? Dude, the guy has dis tracks written about him. He's a prickly asshole. His own band hate him so bad they traveled on different planes/buses. This is no shock in any way.


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