Sunday, December 24, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 20, 2017

Much as I predicted a few weeks ago, another person has come forward, not of her own volition I might add, accusing this former boy bander of rape. How many more women have to will come forward before all the victim shaming against the first accuser stops.

Nick Carter


lvang12 said...

Backstreet fans will never believe any of them. Just saying....

John Doe said...

As with the first one, I don't believe this accusation. Back when Nick Carter was a boybander he was famous all over the world, young, good looking, and rich. He had girls screaming and chasing after him night and day everywhere he went. He could pick and choose from the cream of litter without even asking or offering any money or anything else. A dude like that has no reason at all to rape when girls are throwing it at him so easy left and right.

This chick is looking for a check. He should sue her for slander.

John Doe said...
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Babsbunny said...

@johndoe.... Except... that he was on and off coke like a champ. My running joke was that if he was skinny... he was on it... if he was fat, he was rehabbin'. Been around it too much to not notice the difference.

Let's be honest, that drug can make anyone think they're above any word like "No" or "I don't want to". It makes you fast and loose and it's not exactly like he's a church boy. So I wouldn't be so sure... and I wouldn't take it all for face value. Where there's smoke... there's usually fire.

Lastly, as for a "dude like that" comment, you could say that about so many stars that have been abusive or rapists... it's not about the quantity... it's about the power struggle. Make no mistake that it doesn't matter how many others will line up willingly. Some of the worst rapists I've known have been some of the most attractive, successful, and popular individuals in the group. They just think they're above the law and fiend off the power and force.

Randaleese said...

Ewwwww. He's such a.....worm. What ANY gender finds attractive about him....BEHOOVES me.. just sayin'..

Liveyolife said...

@John Doe
You clearly have a skewed view of rape culture and why some men are rapists. The huge misnomer is that people that assault do so only because they otherwise are incapable of getting anyone to have sex with them. That's not the psychology of most rapists. It is more about a power/control thing, than about attainability (or lack thereof).

Now, I'm not saying that the accusations against Nick are legit, nor am I saying that availability of women to men doesn't sometimes play some part, but if that were the primary cause of rape, it'd happen a lot more than it already does. This is far more often about exerting power/control and about individuals who lack the ability to control their own demons.

kitten1979 said...

I haven't heard bout another victim besides the two who already lied Melissa and Denny's chick


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