Friday, December 22, 2017

Four For Friday - Annexin A2

Yes, I think it is the most unusual title I may have had for a big blind. It is the focus. The person who has been investigating this for the past decade spent about 30 minutes talking about Annexin A2 and how it works in the body and I just wanted the person to get to the good stuff. The long and short of it from what I understand is that it plays a big part of having a certain kind of cancer. Apparently there is also a way to inject this protein into your body and promote a certain kind of cell invasion which can kill you.

I need you to go back in time a little over a decade ago. Much like last year it was a big political year. Candidates from both parties were desperate to be the next President. One of those candidates had some political baggage. Baggage that was going to come out. Baggage in the form of a written diary that this female former A- list celebrity had kept in longhand for decades. This diary spelled out some very big secrets when it came to sex between herself and some of the most powerful people in politics. When it came to the election, if it came out, it would destroy one of the candidates. The diary mentioned the candidate in detail and also mentioned family members of the candidate. Everyone knew there was a diary. Would the diary be believed? Could they discredit her? Honestly, that would have been tough. Were the entries speculation? Some of it could have been. However, they also knew that she had a year of pillow talk with one of the most powerful people in the country. They couldn't take that chance.

Attempts were made to buy the diary. Attempts were made to find and steal the diary. There was one attempt to burn down the home where they thought the diary was located. Finally, they decided to incapacitate her. Their rationalization was that it would incapacitate her and she would be sick for a year or two, but would recover. They were also told during the year of campaigning she would be at her worst and even if she could or did try to speak, they could blame it on the illness and that she was not to be believed.

They waited until flu season. She always got a shot every year. She always did it at an event to encourage others to get theirs. An event that had dozens of volunteer nurses giving shots. One of those nurses gave a very special injection to the celebrity.

Just as predicted, she got sick and developed tumors and was out of commission for a little over a year just like everyone said. It was all a big sigh of relief that they had got away with it and no one died. Our celebrity recovered and people went on with their lives. Then, our candidate thought about that diary and thought about it turning up again if they decided to run again. What would happen if they did it again to her? The scientist said it would probably end up killing the person, especially with the last illness so recent.

Well, once again, our celebrity got a flu shot at the same public event and the same nurse was back four years later. This time the celebrity got sick and never got better. She died.

There is a footnote to this story. The reason the person got in touch with me and gave me a ton of documents and letters and pictures was not because of what happened before, but what happened recently. Last year this A+ list politician was at a public event getting a flu shot and what looked to be the same nurse from before. Before you knew it, the A+ lister was near death. Apparently when you are young you can beat it once, but if you are older, your chances diminish relative to your age.


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just sayin' said...

another geffen blind:

skywalkerOG said...

God dammit that motherfucker better not have killed Kubrick

skywalkerOG said...

Just when you think no one could be getting away with this kind of shit, you start seeing the people that know him best describe him as machiavellian over and over, among other things, and it starts to make more sense. I can see why he's the number one suspect for a lot of these blinds.

Thanks again for the links, I'm gonna smoke a bowl and get lost down this rabbit hole for a while.

Guesser said...

If you really want to get ill over Geffen, look up everyone who has been on his yacht this year. Everyone from the Obamas to Leo to Ivanka Trump. And Oprah,Julia Roberts,it goes on forever. This could explain why he is so protected.

Schneiderisnext said...

[URL=""]Tea on Bryan Singer and Leonardo Dicaprio[/URL]

Claims of illegal disgusting activity @ David Geffens Aids/HIV centers

Logic22 said...

It would be really messed up to connect Beau Biden to that too. If someone wanted to stop Joe Biden from running, his son having an illness could do it. Also Ted Kennedy. I hope its not true, I hope its just all an awful coincidence. No matter your politics, the Bidens, McCain, the world is a better place with them in it.

Schneiderisnext said...

Don't put your trust in men. They will always betray you

McCain and Biden both have a lot of pedophile scandals in their closets. If not involved, they have turned a blind eye.

Mccain: FLDS, Colorado City, Warren Jeff's, CDAN blind item "The Church

Biden: Arden Delaware. Duponts

Girlnextdoor0163 said...

Y’all I worked in Politics before and during the Clinton years. I am shocked by this. I must tell you, it was widely speculated the Bill had numerous affairs and HRC covered for him. As a young woman, I could never wrap my head around this. She is so accomplished and smart, why did she need him? Regardless, she is tough as nails. She created the War Room, the scorched earth philosophy. There are many secrets invoking the Clintons. I don’t know, maybe this got out of control? Bill was very careless and reckless with his personal life. This is not diminishing his political career or hers (both are to be admired), but he was reckless. Maybe he or she did things unknowingly that could deter their political ambitions. I truly am speechless.

Schneiderisnext said...

When you realize many political marriages are completely loveless and manufactured, (by shadowy deep-state business/Intel agencies) it makes wayyy more sense

Scallywag said...

If indeed Eleanor Mondale had an affair with Bill Clinton (or anyone else) in the mid to late 90s, she kept it to herself and there was no reason to think she would announce it to the world over a decade later.

Elizabeth Edwards was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, after the convention, and most surmised it was due to the fertility drugs she took to have more kids after their older son died. Besides, she was the wronged wife, not the affair-haver.

McCain was a known womanizer for decades. They tried to pin an intern scandal on Kerry and it didn't stick at all, hence the swiftboating. Santorum's primary hypocrisy was being so vocally anti-gay while having an openly gay chief of staff and being known to socialize with he and his partner. Newt marries his mistresses.

How about Huckabee?

Pre Order Promos said...

Of course they can give you cancer with a shot. Aaron Russo. George Carlin. Countless others.

Man From Atlan said...

Pre order promos "Of course they can give you cancer with a shot. Aaron Russo. George Carlin. Countless others."

Hugo Chavez.

plot said...

Carlin was a heavy smoker for decades.

Chavez is a possibility. So are Jack Ruby and Bill Hicks.

Unknown said...

This is the single most vile and pathetic blind I have ever read. You people truly are bananas. The only people that could ever pull this off is Bush with his CIA connections. A person would need more than money, they would need lots of power and the Clintons are just not that powerful. So, either the person who wrote this is totally confused, or a blatant incurable ignoramus, who probably gives credence to Fox "news", which is propaganda and/or the likes of Alex Jones. This is stunningly false. As if someone could get away with this, not once but twice. Stop the nonsense. McCain has the exact brain cancer as Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden. Deal with it. Stop spreading lies about Hillary. We are totally fed up and sick to death of all the lies manufactured about this woman. You've really lost all credibility now...

Eowyn said...

@Laura O'Donnell:

Your idol's campaign chair, John Podesta, said in an email that Hillary Clinton "hates everyday Americans". I suggest you look up the meaning of "useful idiot".

plot said...


Oh noes!!!! Risotto!!!

Lock her up!

(fucking pathetic, you people)

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