Monday, January 29, 2018

Blind Item #9 - Grammy Awards

This B- list singer who is only that high because of all the attention she has brought herself the last year is a plant from that crazy religion. She, along with multiple people she is friends with from that religion have each done the complete opposite of what was being advocated last night.


MysticMax said...

Joy Villa

sandybrook said...

bebe Rexha?

Ronaldus Magnus said...

@MysticMax, JV seems like a hard sell, but if so she has some good cover. It would there are two many celebs that would shun her though.

Guesser said...

Joy Villa, she had a choose life bag,COS does forced abortions.

Unknown said...

Joy Villa of course

MichiganMama59 said...

Which woman? The ones who bitch about sexism and arrive half-dressed. I know everyone is talking about Joy, but the hypocrisy of all those hoes makes me sick. Real feminist don't show up looking like objectified whores and then complain about men, who, incidentally, all show up fully dressed.

WTF is wrong with today's women?

Don Kieballs said...

Dressing like a whore doesn't give a man the right to rape

Sd Auntie said...

Thank you Don.

Nonya Bidness said...

There is no dress code for feminism. Slut shaming based on dress is hardly progress.

Liv said...

Seriously, @MichiganMama?

Feminists can wear whatever they fucking want.


Unknown said...

The fraud Joy Villa

Joel Theriot said...

This is Joy Villa I believe. Kaya Jones fronted her out a bit back. Not about this particular situation but the hypocrisy in general specifically with that church. There's other stuff too like how she was an obama/bernie supporter until the results were in.

Lurky McLurkster said...

Construction fencing is not a dress (I know it the dress from last night)

Dahling said...

+1,000 for ALL but MichiganMama59. Lady, the 1950's called. They want their victim-shaming-moral-superiority-you're-part-of-the-problem back. Your high horse is right outside waiting! Oh - and if you could take that Scarlet Letter A with you that would be great.

LizOz said...

Are you lost? Girl bye

anonymous said...

Geez, lighten up. People have different opinions, it's not a crime. Everyone is so opposed to (fill in the blank) shaming - everything except shaming and attacking anyone who dares to voice a thought not approved by the group. There are plenty of high horses to go around.

Unknown said...

Oh look at all these sisters of female empowerment ganging up on another woman, having a different opinion....when life imitates art...

Listen, women don't need to show their tits and arses all the time. Do they have a right? Yes, of course. But other people, men and women, have the right not to take them seriously. Because if you lead with your genitals, why should anyone listen to what you have to say?

I'm sick of seeing everyone's bits all the time, on tv, music videos, red carpets, special media, etc...
Maybe if they focused their attention more on the substance of their message (which most of these undereducated barely literate morons don't actually have) rather than their nipples and arse cracks, then they could call themselves 'feminists'.
I just call them morons.

p.s.: you wanna see a real strong empowered women? Look at this Joy girl. Even though I DISAGREE with her message (I'm pro choice), she's shown more balls than all of those followers with their pussies hanging out, have shown together. It takes guts to go against the tide and stand alone.

Lalalisa57 said...

+1000000000 @boredatwork boredatwork

Unknown said...

Got to be Joy Villa wearing a white wedding dress that she hand-painted a fetus in a rainbow on to it to represent Pro-Life......Which is odd being that reports have came out that Scientology has forced abortions on some of the members in Sea Org

tinydancer61 said...

Well written @boredatwork boredatwork!

SkittleKitty said...

Why is Joy Villa a thing? I don't know any of songs, and other than "statement attire" and membership in SCIO, does she actually have talent?

cc423 said...

Instead of asking girls to cover up, let's ask men to behave themselves.

AngryLiberalKTS. said...

Sounds fair to me, this really isn't a woman problem its how men react to women in different manners of dress. The problem is with us guys. Wake up. Im not some goody asshole, ive been a stereotypical guy at times and hurt people's feelings. Guy's need to be more sensitive to women and their feelings.

Ice Angel said...

Joy Villa is a fraud.

beebopcowboy said...


bingo! $cio does forced abortions. one Remini's show, it was so heartbreaking watching that one man discuss the heads of $cio forcing his wife to have an abortion after they felt so happy with learning she was pregnant.

I wish $cio would go down in HARD flames. The IRS = a bunch of p/ssies

Amartel said...

Durrh. COS plant.

Mad Hominem said...

Like it or not, @MichiganMama has a point. When you go to a party showing a lot of skin and wobbling because you're already drunk,
you are sending out signals to men: you are lowering your
standings, sexually speaking, and you are inviting them to make a
play for you.

If you're going to wear what Dlisted calls "the slut dress,"
be prepared for men to treat you like you're a disposable lay
who's just out for a good time... at least for that particular night.

Women who think they can dress like whores all the time and
then deny they were inviting unwanted sexual attention
want to have their cake and eat it too. It's ridiculous.

IanPhlegming said...

Joy Villa is a fraud, women who dress like hookers while trumpeting the #MeToo movement are at least half-frauds, the grammys last night were the perfect showcase of how marketing, fashion and bullshit hypocrite politics have killed popular music.

Last night was a disaster. An utter and completely disaster. No wonder it was the lowest rated grammys ever. People could see that train wreck coming from a distance, and kept theirs.

Liv said...

It might take guts to go against the tide and stand alone -- which I usually commend. However, when you're wrong, you're wrong. Alone or not.

A dress is not consent.
Inebriation is not consent.
A SIGNAL is not consent.

And, finally...what the fuck else are you supposed to do with a cake but eat it? ;)

hopscotch101girl said...

Agree wholeheartedly, boredatwork Well said!!

Mad Hominem said...


I don't believe I'm wrong.

I believe an awful lot of women want to cock-tease men
by dressing like sluts and getting drunk, dangling their
treasures in front of men just so they can yank it away
at the last minute saying, I never actually GAVE
consent in any legally enforceable form.

That is what feminazi thinking is doing to women.

A dress or a slutty costume is a hint. It says
that the woman wearing it wants a good time. The
issue then becomes the difference between explicit,
provable consent
and implied consent. If the
women on this board cannot believe that there is such
a thing as implied consent then you're not mature enough
to go to a bar.

If a woman doesn't want half-drunk guys pawing her ass,
then she (a) shouldn't wear the slutty costume and
(b) should stay away from that kind of party.

as a parting shot,
I cannot believe you're unfamiliar with the expression,
have your cake and eat it too.

Missy Bigbritches said...

@MadHominem - YAWN.

Leanne Norman said...

@boredatwork look up her grammy dress for 2015 made from Orange constitution fence completely see through you can see her whole breasts and grey knickers she is doing this for the attention she's getting from the right. So was she not empowered then or did that only start with her MAGA dress she wore last year. She's so thirsty for attention it's embarrassing.

To the very odd people who want to excuse rape or sexual assault by the tired old defence of she was asking for it, by the way she dressed or how much she had to drink, you are doing a disservice to the majority of men who wouldn't look at the way a woman's dressed or if she was drunk and see it as an open invitation for them to assault or rape her.

Rape is an issue for the perpetrators to answer for not the victims. There really is something wrong with you if you have that mentality you obviously have never been a victim of a serious sexual assault or rape.

@Mad Hominem women shouldn't have to stay away from somewhere because men feel entitled to touch them without consent fyi a outfit isn't consent. Men should stay away if they can't keep their hands or penises to themselves.

jessorella said...

Aaaaaarrghhh @MadHominem Are you serious?? Women wear tight, short dresses or hot pants or crop tops of whatever the hell else they want to wear because 1. THEY LIKE IT. 2. THEY FEEL GOOD IN IT. 3. THEY LOOK GOOD IN IT. 4. THEY CAN CHOOSE TO DO SO. Who says they only put it one to "invite attention"? And even if a woman does want to wear something they look sexy in because they're in the mood to look for some interaction or flirting, that is STILL not an invitation for a man to do or say whatever he likes to her. If a woman "doesn't want half-drunk guys pawing her ass" as you put it, then it shouldn't matter what she wears or how she wears it, the onus is on the man to realize he does not have the right to "paw a woman's ass" just because he wants to do it. A DRESS does not make that decision for the man, his BRAIN makes the decision for him. Instead of telling women that they shouldn't wear this, walk here, drink this, dance like that or whatever so they don't get raped, men need to decide NOT TO RAPE, even if a woman is wearing a dress, walking alone, drinking a lot, or dancing sexily. I seriously can't believe we still have to have these conversations. To avoid rape, the onus is NOT on the woman to avoid certain behaviours, it's for men NOT to rape! (And yes, proviso, I know women rape too, but that's not what's been discussed on this thread.)

KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

Feminists are the most miserable, dried up cunts on the planet. And every time I watch one of them screeching with their fish mouths, the shit makes my day. We are living in glorious times!

As for dress, hey, if chicks want to give away their tits for free, who am I to say no? Whatever honey, sure, fucking everyone and being a whore is empowering. You go, girl!

Sign Name Below said...

Joy Villa is playing people. Specifically Trump supporters. This blind is pointing that out. A lot of people are being manipulated into supporting this Co$ plant.

Her purpose is to get noticed, much like the Blanca Blanco stunt at the GGs, and Co$ is funding her. They hope that she will discourage Trump from revoking their tax-free status.

I hate $cn and I hate when people are being lied too. Don't fall for this

Sign Name Below said...

These "reports" are documented in court papers. It happened.

Sign Name Below said...

All of you people yelling about what is or is not "feminist" or "pro-women" clothes. Meanwhile Joy Villa, the new face of $cientology, is going to ride this sniping all the way to Congress. $cn will ride out the storm and continue to traffic humans into and out of the US, cover up sexual abuse, cause mental breakdowns but ban mental health initiatives, abuse its enslaved workforce, break up families, exploit 3rd World countries, and build on its multi-BILLION dollar slush fund.

You are dying for an unimportant battle and losing the war. Focus people.

Colonel Blake said...


When I went from a size 24 to size 4 YOU BET I WORE EVERY TIGHT, SHORT, LOW, whatever cuz for the first time in my 36 years....I COULD!!! hahahaha
Had nothing to do with anyone BUT ME. ME, ME, ME.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Plantsss... 🌱

Snakes and plants! 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Fuck's sakes, I will never get over nearly falling for supporting THAT! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Unknown said...

Yes, I know 100% that they happened. CO$ disgusts me.

J said...

The normalisation of using men purely for money has been getting swept under the rug for all of our lifetimes... I wouldn't worry about feminism, leave that for the people who can't wear next to nothing to attract people, and have to stress *more*, that it's all about personality. Why? Projection.

Having said that, let's just live our own lives.

Unknown said...

"ME ME ME ME" the entitled, tits-out, blow-job-lipped, selfie generation in a nutshell.

Good for you for losing all that weight and totally proving our above point.

LizOz said...

I can’t help feeling you’d rather subject us to a self righteous moralistic rant than focus on the actual point of the blind 🀷🏼‍♀️ But way to fall for the distraction

Mad Hominem said...

@jessorella —

Women wear tight, short dresses or hot pants or crop tops of whatever the hell else they want to wear because 1. THEY LIKE IT. 2. THEY FEEL GOOD IN IT. 3. THEY LOOK GOOD IN IT. 4. THEY CAN CHOOSE TO DO SO.

None of this negates the fact that a lot of women are completely oblivious to the fact that they are sending out signals according to the way they dress. You're saying a woman should be able to dress however she wants; I'm stating that a woman ought to be aware of, and responsible for, the image she is projecting towards men.

Who says they only put it [on] to "invite attention"? And even if a woman does want to wear something they look sexy in because they're in the mood to look for some interaction or flirting, that is STILL not an invitation for a man to do or say whatever he likes to her.

Allow me to clarify something: it stands to reason that sometimes women will dress in something that makes them "look sexy," even though that term is unbelievably vague. However, there is sexy, and there is "slutty," and the "sluttier" a woman dresses, the more likely she is to be treated like trash.

It may not be right, but she is inviting it and should not be oblivious to the signals she is sending. She ought to be responsible for the messages she is sending to men. And just denying that such signals are sent is a denial of reality.

jessorella said...

@MadHominem The issue I have with your explanation is that it's exactly the type of thing that creates the tendency to victim-blaming. OK, some people may react to or treat a woman differently based on how she dresses - but why should their actions be her fault?

Perhaps a woman (or indeed, anyone) may have a responsibility to think about her image and how she might look to other people (for example, in the way one might decide how to dress for work), but she should not need to take responsibility for how other people choose to react to her clothing, especially when the reaction is a physical assault, attack or rape.

This was my original point (perhaps lost among the caps lock) - it is not right to spend so much time and effort teaching women "how not to get raped" when nowhere near the same amount of time and energy is spent in teaching men not to rape in the first place. A woman may realize that people will think she looks "slutty" or "trashy", but why does that then put the blame on her if she gets attacked? Somebody dressing a certain way is not "an invitation to be attacked". If short dresses or tights skirts or whatever else is deemed "trashy" were considered an invite to rape, then no shops would sell them and I'm fairly certain no one would choose to wear them.

You say a woman "ought to be responsible for the messages she is sending to men" but do you not agree that men should just as equally (if not more so) "be responsible for their decision to grab/fondle/insult/assault/attack a woman or not"? If you are walking down the street in summer in short sleeves and wearing an expensive watch and you're robbed for it, is that your fault? Were you flaunting your watch or "not taking responsibility for the signals you were sending", or was the robbery entirely the criminal's fault for deciding to mug you for your watch? Or did you wear your watch because you earned it, you paid a lot of money for it, you love it and are proud of it and you enjoy wearing it? What then?

jessorella said...

And this isn't even taking into consideration all the men, women and children who are sexually attacked or raped regardless of how they looked or what they were wearing. How many of those would be avoided if the attacker was taught, or knew, or just was sensible enough to think to themselves, "Hey, should I attack/rape this person? No, I probably shouldn't".

Mad Hominem said...

* Women should be, and usually are, aware of the reasons why men go out to bars--to get drunk and get laid. (Coarse, but most men would agree.) We are expected to constantly prove our masculinity, and that means we go out looking for conquests. How can women disavow knowledge of this in the modern world? Because most major leading feminazis are ardent man-hating lesbians who have never been on a date with a man.

Normal hetero women should not be going to a bar thinking, but how do I know if he wants to get laid? Don't be obtuse. It's what we are in the bar for; if we aren't seen chatting up women, people think we are losers or homosexuals. (And before you say, "Not that there's anything WRONG with that," let me assure you that straight men do not want the world to think we are homosexuals.)

* You wrote: A woman may realize that people will think she looks "slutty" or "trashy", but why does that then put the blame on her if she gets attacked? I believe I addressed this up above. There are certain places where guys go out to meet women with the intention of getting laid. Guys will flirt with you and touch you to test your reactions. These guys are not feminists and don't listen to feminists, but they get a lot more women than "feminized" men with purses do.

* You mentioned the theft of a prized watch. Regrettably, in some neighborhoods, wearing a valuable watch is out of the question because, unfairly or not, the sight of said watch will invite theft. But it's not a fair comparison because flirting is supposed to lead to an encounter where both sides benefit; theft does not.

ON THE DEFINITION OF RAPE... Since the terms "rape" and "sexual assault" are sprinkled liberally throughout your response, I must point out that feminists have stretched the definition of rape, at least in online conversation, to the point where it literally has lost all meaning.

Consider the arguments against Catherine McKinnon, arch-feminazi of "women's studies."


MacKinnon's published writings reflect a venomous hatred for men as a class, stereotyping all men as rapists, and display contempt for heterosexuals in general. Wild animadversions such as "marital sex is sexual harassment is rape" and "heterosexuality is the eroticization of dominance and submission" full her speech and writings. (Ironically, MacKinnon herself recently married a feminist man, demonstrating that even she doesn't believe her absurd claims about marriage being rape.) MacKinnon asserts that nearly all heterosexual sex is rape, questioning even "whether consent is a meaningful concept." MacKinnon believes that sex constitutes rape if a woman who consented to sex subsequently regrets her choice, stating that "I call it rape when a women has sex and feels violated." Writing in the New York Times ("The Palm Beach Hanging." December 15, 1991), MacKinnon claimed that all men "are sexually trained to woman-hating aggression."

jessorella said...

@MadHominem I'm truly sorry that your view of men and women in bars is defined so tightly into a situation where everyone in there is only there because they want to get laid, that "normal hetero women" should not bother thinking otherwise and should be accept the fact that men will "touch you to test your reactions". I'm also sorry to hear that straight men are so petrified of people thinking they must be gay if they are not seen to be actively chatting up a woman - or maybe that's just you.

The fact that you've used the word "feminazi" repeatedly in your reply and that you've felt the need to quote a paragraph that doesn't seem to do much to further this discussion proves that this is where it ends. If you need me to clarify why I so liberally mentioned both sexual assault and rape in my comments, it's because I believe that women (or other human beings) who have been sexually assaulted, sometimes repeatedly, can be left with such depths of hurt, pain, damage and distrust that I felt they did not deserve to be left out of the conversation.

And FYI, if you wore your nice expensive watch to a nice expensive party in a nice expensive neighbourhood where an attractive woman complimented you on it and had a few drinks and maybe a dance with you and at the end of the night she still stole that watch from you anyway, I bet you'd be pissed off. Oh no, wait - "the sight of said watch would invite theft". So I guess that meant the whole thing was kind of your fault.

katsm0711 said...

You’re supposed to dress for the job you want so what job do you think I’d get if I’m wearing an Armani power suit verses a whorey slut dress with my ass and tits hanging out?
It’s the same principle as not walking alone through a dark alleyway at night. Rule #1 of not inviting drama is to keep the focus off of yourself.

Emma F said...

Dear Mad H,
Go back to 4chan, Reddit, wherever you woman hating pond scum gamergate fucktards reside.
You are NOT WELCOME here. No normal person thinks like you.
Women and normal men go out to have fun. Maybe drink, definitely laugh, talk to their friends. Only you view every social interaction as trying to get laid. Just you.
And that's why you are constantly trying to find the hidden formula, the TRICK, to get any rational woman to have sex with you.
No-one wants to because your essential evil leaks out of your pores, making you the least attractive person in any situation. Rape seems easy to rationalise to you because everything is about sex. If a woman just runs for a bus near you, you think she's asking for it.
CDAN is a great place, a real community, and we don't want you poisoning the well with your vile "feminazi" bullshit.
Let the door got you on the way out. Please.

Susi Sorglos said...


Spudmonkey said...

Where is the proof of any of these so called rapes? Whores screwing directors and producers and then years later calling rape - give it a Fucking rest, pal....

Spudmonkey said...

Emma, you Cunt, don't attempt to tell anybody on the internet, Ever, that this is Your site, and others aren't welcome!
Fuck you, cunt!

Maggiepie411 said...


Pretty sure feminism caused women to show more freedom in what they wear.

First wave feminism ushered in the right for women to wear pants and show off more than just their ankles. Before then women would have been arrested for public indecency.


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