Monday, January 29, 2018

Grammy Awards Photos Part Four

Little Big Town
Imagine Dragons
Kristin Cavallari
Big Sean
Janelle Monae
Lana Del Rey
Thomas Rhett


Becki said...

But why was Kristin there??

sandybrook said...

Its good to see so far most people were dressed decently

Count Jerkula said...

P - Cavillari

M - 2 broads from Little Big Town

B - Del Ray

Sd Auntie said...

little big town was awesome. Those ladies can sing! And why is Kristin at the grammys? Talk about no talent. .rather see Shemar😍

Seachica said...

Imagine Dragons won the male best dressed award by far.

Maude Labowski said...

I'm guessing Kristin was there for the coke?

longtimereader said...

Janelle monae, love her!

Orvilla Bedinbacher said...

@Becki I was just about to type the exact same thing.

Spike Ghost said...

God, i love Lana's entire look


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