Monday, January 29, 2018

Grammy Awards Photos Part One

Cardi B
Camilla Cabello
Lady GaGa
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Miley Cyrus


Truthseeker said...

Miley looked stunning in both of her looks last night. As much as I do not like SZA I thought she looked amazing, and unlike the critics, as much as I dislike Cardi B, i thought the dress was very pretty. Her mouth on the other hand.
I love P!nk so much, but man, i dont understand the dresses she wears to awards shows.

Bitters said...

Cardi Bs dress looks like an interpretative artist rendering of a vagina, which makes sense that she felt those butterflies there 😭

Nutty_Flavor said...

Miley does look good. Lovely hair and makeup. I’d wear this outfit myself. It’s feminine without being too formal or too trashy.

Becki said...

Miley actually looks good for once!! And Pink....what is up with that dress?? I want to root for you, but yikes.

Seachica said...

I knew nothing about Cardi B or Camilla whatshername before last night's Grammys (except what I have read about them here). But Cardi is endearing in the same way Snookie is, and Camilla looks like a young Penelope Cruz. I'm rooting for both of them.

Maude Labowski said...

Cardi looks like she's going to her Quincinera! I kid, I actually like that she took a risk and she pulls it off well.

SZA looks purely angelic

I love Pink, but I wish she went with whatever her second choice was...The colors are beautiful but that dress has no shape and hides her killer body

katsm0711 said...

Camilla Cabello just did an appearance at my local mall which is why I had no idea that she was this big.

Pink’s dress could have been gorgeous if they did a pattern with the colors instead of trying to make them evenly spaced. Start the pink at top left, under her arm and have it swirl down to the very bottom right side of the hem and blend the blue and black in the other spaces. It just looks like no thought was put into it.

Gator said...

Cardi is the most annoying person on the planet when she opens her mouth and speaks.

Court b said...

The bjork swan returns!!! Cardi b-jork!

Joaquin Merced said...

your comment gives me life! Lmao i love pink but what fraggle did she kill for that outfit?!


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