Monday, February 19, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

August 24, 2017

This married A- list mostly television actor used to be A list. He had a chance to be A list again but is about to drop to B+ list because he is having trouble on his cable show. Because of his struggles he missed a very important family life event.

Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart/funeral of Rebecca's sister


Don Kieballs said...

I didn't realize Rebecca Gayheart was still acting. I really lked her back in the 90210 days. I also just found out she was engaged to Brett Ratner for a while (like 2 years age difference when they were teens, so not implying anything about him other than the link-and he did give her her first role, but that's probably coincidence)

SkittleKitty said...

So Eric is back on drugs, I guess? Too bad.

Do Tell said...

Well, if they had decided to divorce already, was he really expected at the funeral?

Just4Fun said...

@Do Tell - the original blind was back in Aug. Who knows when they decided to split

CityGirl said...

He struggles with depression right?

atd8vii said...

Could NS stand for "Nickelodeon Slime"? In the context that Weiss worked with children on Nickelodeon shows and is a convicted slime bag to say the least.

sherla kumarwo said...

olala menarik itu

lucy said...

regardless of when they spilt unless he was specifically told he wasn't wanted, he definitely should have attended funeral. unless she hated him, she needed him

Guesser said...

Rebecca's sister died in prison,on drug charges. Something neither of them had to face.

SteveD said...

Rebecca's lucky she never saw the inside of a prison for killing that kid she ran over while talking on her phone.

Sd Auntie said...

I don't know how Rebecca still drives. I would be too emotionally devastated. She looks like a chain smoker too

mooshki said...

@SteveD The kid was jaywalking and she couldn't see him because of the other cars. Could've happened to almost anyone.

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Rennie said...

Depression can cripple you!

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