Saturday, October 06, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 28, 2018

This foreign born still one hit wonder is still playing the game if a guy agrees to her price he must be long term and tries to corner them into it by having a pap take their picture and splashing it with a story. If only she put this much effort into her career.

Iggy Azalea


Guesser said...

This is her career now.

Melissa Lyn said...

It’s pathetic that she needs to Whore herself out.

anna maus said...

that's sad; desperate to feel loved. sounds like she's lonely or depressed, or both. she should downsize her whole life and keep it simple! ......'course she could be the worst person in the world and no one wants anything to do with her.

Mstyles said...

This one comes across as totally unlikeable.
This is the only way she will ever make money. Her 'career' is over.

Paul Saint John said...

It's probably her nasty lower class Australian accent that's a major turnoff for her suitors! She needs a voice coach.
Also her past coal-burning likely drives potential dates away.


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