Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 25, 2018

In a recent interview this foreign born alliterate sometime actress didn't deny she played a role in the murder of this A list celebrity. She also confirmed what I have previously written about his cheating. Does she know with whom? I think she does, which makes this all the more interesting.

Asia Argento/Anthony Bourdain


VRWC said...

Maybe he was banging Rose?

plot said...

Production assistant on his show who has traveled with him for ages, though who would put up with Asia as a third wheel even for the most casual of sexual relationships?


Random groupies.


Hookers. He admitted to using them before.

Guesser said...

I think this is about Asia's intense hatred for Rose now,she got a dagger tatoo with revenge or something and made comments it was directed to Rose.

Glue said...

Have they officially come out and called it a "murder?" I thought the media and the rest of the world still believe it to be a suicide.

Can anyone elaborate?

Boozie said...

ugh i refuse to believe he would sleep with rose. just ugh.

BestMan said...

No, and nor could I confirm the French are even investigating further, though I have no real connection. I do, however, wholly believe he was offed.

Zebra Seasoning said...

Non reveal for a non blind.

J said...

The face of #metoo.

The more I hear about Bourdain (RIP), the more sap I gather he was.

Especially when I heard he used to chat with plot while she was cooking cocktail wieners in ketchup.

plot said...


No, she is YOUR face of metoo, cuz you love her.


Do you even know where Vienna is?

J said...

Yes, I know Vienna. That's where Sobieski won his battle.

no said...

Here's the interview

Guesser said...

@Boozie , he slept with Asia, maybe even in love with her.

Stupidpervs said...

Who cares who he's banging unless it's a minor ..oops Asia I'm looking at you skank

Angela said...

So, where's the "special team" that reportedly killed Anthony Bourdain and was also targeting Asia Argento?


"It was supposed to look like a murder/suicide. That had been the plan all along. The plan that had been in place since March. Then, as she began to get more and more attention and acclaim, suddenly her schedule was too busy and she couldn't make it. What to do, what to do? Improvise. Do what they always do. Make it look like all the rest they have done, but also make sure they send a message to her. Apparently they sent her a picture with no words. Just the picture. I'm guessing she got the message. In the next few weeks we will see if she ignores the message or continues to be brave and fight the good fight."

Your beloved Enty posted this on the very day Bourdain died. So, if you believe him, the "brave" Asia Argento has nothing to do with his death, as it was an operation paid by Harvey Weinstein.

Also note that Enty has never actually denied that the story was fake, he actually mentioned once again six weeks ago that there was a commando sent to kill Argento and Bourdain.


"This former child actor turned C+ list hoping a pilot gets picked up to get a steady job adult actor should think about spending some money on a bodyguard. At this point a trade has been made. The foreign born model has made a deal with the disgraced producer to stop talking negatively (for now) about him. In exchange, his people put her in touch with that special team. As we have seen, they are very very good at suiciding people."

If you have any explanation that makes sense for this in the CDAN conspirationist universe, go on. I have some popcorn to finish and it would be a great opportunity for this.

Fifi LaRue said...

All a person has to do is read "Medium Raw" to get to immediately the dark side of Anthony Bourdain. And, yeah, brothels, was a big part of his life. And depression. And seeing the dark side of everything. He was certainly gifted, but he did suffer. No, he wasn't murdered. He took his own life. Asia Argento was most certainly part of the darkness; she sexually abused a gay man, and Bourdain paid off him off.

plot said...


I'm still trying to figure out the Entyverse explanation for how these suiciding experts (one? a dozen?) traveled to a town of 1200 people where everyone knows each other, managed to stay unnoticed then snuck, again unnoticed, into Bourdain's room in a tiny hotel and suicided him.

If it was murder, wouldn't have Bourdain kicked up a ruckus about being dragged into the bathroom and hooked up to a noose? Yelling, furniture falling, reverberations of things falling on the tile floors of the bathroom, it would only figure, right?

Okay, so Bourdain is passed out drunk perhaps. So this crack suiciders are going to lug his 6'4" frame into the bathroom, silently, and then be able to shut the door securely under the bathrobe belt so his dead weight doesn't keep falling against the door and forcing it open, all the while managing to kill him? From outside the bathroom?

Still no answer to my satisfaction from those who believe he was murdered.

Mary Lamb said...

Wait, what? You gather sap?

Thot Crimes said...

How do we know @plot didn't kill AB with her cooking?

Angela said...

Hey, my last comment got deleted.

Here's the bulk of it. I'm dropping the links, but I can provide them If necessary.

First of all, the village Bourdain died is 10 or 12 miles away from a large city in the area, so it's not an isolated place.

But the very interesting thing about Enty's coverage of the Bourdain/Argento story is how he obviously republished blind items given to him by two totally different sources, which were in contradiction, until they found a way to be somewhat in line.

First, there was this source that alluded to Harvey Weinstein being behind the murder of Bourdain. And, given the tone, it was basically "The ugly Joos did it". It was the explanation featured here hours after Bourdain's death was announced, the same person probably doubled down later by explaining that the investigation had been botched, that political murders were a tradition in France (or at least the Infowars version of France), that Weinstein also had a former FEMEN activist killed, etc. It was the leading version until August.

The first blind also depicted "brave" Asia Argento basically as a saint who had sacrificed everything to destroy Weinstein.

And that was the main problem. People here didn't have issues with someone claiming that Jews controlled France or that a producer would have many people killed, but they can't stand Asia Argento. It's easy to get why, even before the scandal with the 17 year old. She has a bad public image as a celebrity before last year. She's half-crazy and covered up in tats. And she's a shrill woman involved with #metoo.

So, around August, a second series of blind items starts to focus on that Argento whore. She cheated on Bourdain, she didn't mourn him, she benefitted from his death, and also she was involved in a murder (presumably his), etc.

Then, after the Jimmy Bennett story broke, the first source finds an angle to "retcon" everything and depict both Argento and Weinstein as evil. Weinstein offered her the use of his "special team" (the same one that murdered Bourdain) to get Bennett killed and clean the slate between them. It makes zero sense (it's the same special team that had been ordered to kill her and that killed her boyfriend, while Jimmy Bennett is well and alive), but the dumdums here are satisfied. And, double whammy, the blinds now manage to put Rose McGowan in the mix!

Anyway, anyone can see that Enty published a blind item, just hours after Bourdain's death was announced, that promoted some shady conspiracy theory. Rather than admitting the story was bogus, he let the source double down on the claims for weeks until they reached total lunacy territory. But he also started to mix other blinds in August, that were in line with the far more popular rumor that Argento's attitude had driven Bourdain to suicide. The blinds just went one step further so it was indeed a murder. And he also let the first source change its tune, so it would also accuse Argento rather than having her as a victim. Or maybe he asked the source to adjust.

But it's obvious that Enty publishes blinds that he doesn't even bother to check, as long as they're in line with what his readers want to read. In that case, he just overestimated the interest for Weinstein and underestimated the hatred for Argento.

plot said...


You don't! I testify, though, that my husband still lives and he or the dog would be the first to go.

Badseed said...

This is total BS...Asia Argento is a pig. I don't believe Tony could recover after realizing he sided with and trusted a woman who groomed and abused a kid...disgusting.

Claude Funston said...

If you look around deep enough, there are some hints that Bourdain may have died from auto erotic asphyxiation. They ruled it a suicide as to maintain his dignity.

plot said...

I kind of hope it was auto erotic asphyxiation, truthfully. It's difficult to believe that Bourdain would have left his child behind on purpose and put his best friend through the experience of finding his dead body.


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