Saturday, October 06, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #6

September 29, 2018

This B+/B list mostly movie actress said during a press tour that other women in Hollywood treated her badly. Yeah, because when you were younger you kept going after the women's husbands. Our actress famously had long long long affair with this permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor.

Sanaa Lathan/Denzel Washington


nonperson93 said...

She's the one who bit Beyonce, right? She sounds super classy.

kirk said...

Damn, even Denzel. Bummer

gadfly said...

Yeah, people can’t “steal” other people’s partners. Takes two.

Me2 said...

gadfly I disagree. if someone in a really horrible marriage or bad bad situation, they can be very vulnerable to someone who is a very good manipulator. (badly put***) As Steve McQueen once said- there's only so many times you can say no.

Not excusing it-just accepting human vulnerability.

Orville said...

I disagree with the blind item also look Denzel Washington is NOT a nice man. I read an article he is mean to extras during his movies. What we see in the media is the image these stars want to SELL to the public. Sanaa Lathan is not the first OR last woman Denzel had an affair with. I also do NOT feel sorry for his wife Pauletta she doesn't care she just wants the A list status by association. From what I heard Denzel treated Sanaa terribly he had an affair with her then tossed her aside. I know SOME people want this perfect image of black celebrities but they are people just like everyone else. The mainstream media LOVE Denzel Washington so they are not going to dig into his past.

This and That said...

Yes and he supposedly “warned” Beyoncé and Jay-Z that that story needed to go away.

Aoife said...

The story I heard years ago was that when he got caught out - and Sanaa wasn't the first or last - he would take Pauletta on an expensive trip. I hope by now someone has told her that diamonds are girls best friend. He could keep the damn trip as far as I would be concerned. I can take myself on a trip.

As has been said she knows about his catting around. She just likes being Mrs. Denzel Washington.

greenfrog said...

That is riiiiightttt love it when Denzel troops the wife out. Makes me laugh.

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Unknown said...

Just as I thought, trash..


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