Monday, November 05, 2018

Blind Item #2

Not only did this group give this foreign born former A+ list rapper a bunch of awards, they also gave her $250K to come collect them.


MontanaMarriott said...

Nicki M?

MontanaMarriott said...

2018 MTV European Music?

Rosie riveter said...

This trash ain't worth 250cent

Unknown said...

This is why people shouldn’t put so much stock in awards!!’ If you don’t show you won’t win, if you don’t pay you won’t win, if you don’t sleep with the right person you won’t win... I’m over it

kfitz said...

dumb af

sandybrook said...

must have needed a star to get an audience

parissucksliterally said...

Wtf? This world sucks. Let's keep rewarding people with money and fame for being untalented pieces of shit.

I am so over this crap, and unfortunately, it isn't going to get better.

This and That said...

Is that why she performed 4635 different times?!

Trapped said...


RedVelvetBoots said...

@Unknown - so true. I've stopped following the award show nonsense and love how productive I am with all the time I've gained back. :)

- said...

Any mention of Nicki can't be complete without a reminder of her most moving and poetic lyrics.

I'm a bad bitch, fuck the bitch (uh)
Bitch get slick, I'ma cut the bitch
I'm a bad bitch, suck some dick (okay)
If that bitch get slick, I'll cut the bitch
I'll cut up the bitch, I'll gut the bitch (okay)
Had to fuck up the bitch, man, fuck the bitch
Won't shoot her but I will gun-butt the bitch
When we say "Fuck the bitch" dick-up the bitch
She was stuck-up so my niggas stuck up the bitch
Still draggin' her so don't pick up the bitch
Get the combination to the safe, drug the bitch
Know the whole operation been bugged the bitch

Rosie riveter said...

ok, this made me laugh

Aaaah88L said...

Is Nicki "former A list" now?

Brayson87 said...

Best cover for yachter fees I've heard.


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