Sunday, November 04, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #1

October 27, 2018

I really think this A list producer wannabe rapper/screwer over of manufactured groups is really scared about the lack of NDA with that long time girlfriend and what exactly she will say. I would worry more about the one you saw for a month who knows way more than she should because you trusted her.

Sean Combs/Cassie/Jocelyn Chew


Andi F said...

He'll just keep going back to Cassie. She lets him not just screw around, but get new girlfriends, like JHo, then when it's done she's there.

Sabre said...

She put out a teaser saying that she had lined up a big tell-all interview with a major network...

She didn't really though. It was just her way of letting PDiddy know he needs to pay up.


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