Sunday, April 28, 2019

Blind Item #6

The foreign born mogul/reality star enjoyed some one on one time with a female entertainment reporter who is not his ex. I wonder if his significant other knows.


MDAnderson said...

Simon Cowell

Tricia13 said...

Cowell/Terry Seymour

sandybrook said...

Simon sending out thr PR firm again. Press releases describing him as a virile desirable lover of women are clearly bullshit.

Vita said...

Just please let it not be Lauren Sanchez!😲

yepthatsme said...

@Sandy, maybe he is bi. Or maybe its a power thing, i.e, he is demonstrating that he is f**king her not coz he finds her attractive, but bcoz he can! Thats a turn on for a lot of people!

Notagoodscreenname said...

lol @sandy

hunter said...

My dude friend's husband (gay men) has recently been sleeping with a number of women. I was so astonished and confused when my pal told me this (they have an open relationship).

Then he said he's known his husband is bi since before they got married.

Pan to me in the corner five minutes later, still trying to make it all make sense. Best I can come up with is bi people actually exist.

Shocker I KNOW I KNOW - this was just in the last 3 months. Life experience opens the eyes.

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sandybrook said...

I really was calling bullshit on the virile, desired by women part.

OKay said...

@sandy I don't believe any woman really desires Cowell, but he has money and a degree of power and that's all it takes for some types. I don't for a minute believe he's gay though.


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