Sunday, October 06, 2019

Blind Item #1

This streaming service gave very specific instructions to make sure its shows were listed in a recent survey of most watched. The actual numbers were reversed but that would probably spook investors.


Tricia13 said...


Dark Star Chasm said...

How do you legally avoid reporting the actual numbers to investors

PoliticallyIncorrect71 said...

When your programming is run by the Obamas

PoliticallyIncorrect71 said...


Drewholtaus said...
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Anonymous said...

Netflix. I would think the Breaking Bad sequel thing El Dorado would be a monster hit for them, but I can't think of anything else. Old Trailer Park Boys maybe. Don't they have the Chappell special too? They have way more rehash and misses than hits.

Coffee Bean said...

The numbers are more real than most Political "polls".
Hillary's poll numbers are a prime example. Behavior modification on a National scale.
Reality is a Pedowood construct while ignorant consumers purchase store bought mind control. Voluntarily I might add.
Who said voluntary servitude can't make a quick turn around on investment?

Yes. Self Enslavement makes the Earth spin. We are this stupid.

Krabapples said...

El Camino.

They also have Stranger Things, which is most definitely a hit.


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