Sunday, October 06, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 25, 2019

To this point, this A+ list dual threat actress has been unwilling to write a check to help her legally troubled ex. This could change within the next week. He has been playing the do it for the children card.

Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe


Vita said...

Geez, the kids are in their teens, they've been divorced a long time, he's had a career of his own, this sounds like desperate manipulation, rather than need? Is he hoping Reese will pay to settle, rather than have to testify? Still pretty gutsy to make her pay HIS settlement.

Unknown said...

She should just take it on the chin.

Do Tell said...

She should tell him, "Don't beat women. Don't do drugs. Do it for the children."

Then change all her contact info.

Bleu said...

He was the higher status better known power player in the couple when they married. A lot of marriages in Hollywood start to tank when the woman's career takes off while his is dropping off (which is when all of a sudden there were headlines he was cheating on her(.

Vita said...

Do Tell-- that is priceless! Somewhere, Reese is saying, "Can I use that?!"

EyeSee said...

She's going to pay. They both have much to hide and cover up.


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