Monday, February 10, 2020

Blind Item #30 - Oscars

Once again this foreign born permanent A list model turned host was left alone by her significant other. She said he wasn't into it. What she should have said is he isn't really into her. It is said to see her get crushed again with love.


Tricia13 said...

Heidi Klum

Tricia13 said...

Tom Klautiz

Brayson87 said...

So she's like a hooker with a heart of gold? Many of her fellow angels seem like stone-cold prostitutes by comparison.

timebob said...

Heidi seems like an emotional vampire and clinger and exhausts people. I was at a few tapings of AGT in NY. And she was annoying AF. She needed attention constantly from Howard Stern, the APs, producers. It never ended. She's hot but as the saying goes for every hot woman there is a guy sick of fucking her.

Brayson87 said...

Oh, sounds like a broken toy.

Guesser said...

She dumped Seal,she was" fornicating with the help". Her new husband found himself relevant after marrying her. This is why you don't marry way younger. Especially rock musicians.

ZZZedMaster said...

She was better off with the black guy

Aquagirl said...

Heidi reeks of desperation.

J said...

Not sad at all.

hunter said...

Hey there timebob, long time no see.

Thanks for the anecdote on AGT, it's so so interesting how a person's behavior can change your opinion of them entirely.

I have gotten together with a variety of attractive men who, the more they talked, the less I liked them.

Stars are "just like us" in that some are probably annoying AF and they're rumored to be about 90% more insecure than the average person, can't be a good combo.

notthisagain said...

She also seems obsessed w/believing she is still young. Tom is 29 while Heidi still wants to be 25. She does seem like she needs constant validation & I think she’s hugely uncomfortable w/her age & ‘former star’ status.

Trapped said...

Heidi need to date men in her age group, she keep picking losers.
It must hurt a little to not be the prettiest woman in the room..
She must be exhausting to be around..

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Karma said...

That's why you dont marry men that arent your equal & give into 3 sums in marriage. It never bodes well.


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