Friday, May 08, 2020

Four For Friday - Old Hollywood - Traditional

#1 - One of the first female directors of movies and television was foreign born. She came from an entertainment family. Although she was a great director, she also suffered from alcohol abuse. She was invited once to present an Oscar. When she showed up she was drunk. While passed out snoring in a dressing room, the producer of the show moved her to broom closet where he could lock the door. After the show he retrieved her and she was still sleeping.

#2 - This beloved director who made a permanent A++ list movie all of you know also made a move pre-code that featured sex between tweens and teens and adults who liked them.

#3 - This actress from an acting family where one tends to blur the lines between who is who because they are so closely similar with the same names is coming out more definitively now that her father did consistently sexually assault/molest her siblings and herself.

#4 - One of the greatest blacklisted writers is known as the ultimate family man but had a series of affairs with women he would treat with great disdain when he split with them.

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