Monday, May 04, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Murder In New England

I have left this in the tipster's own words, but did do some light editing to make it easier to read because English is not their first language.

His (1) murder in New England decades ago inspired two movies. The actresses (2) portraying his widow(3) would both win Oscars for best actress in other movies. While the movies are described as dull, one did received an award in a foreign country (4.) The director of this movie was a pioneer for gay rights (5).

   The story you have heard is that the widow seduced an innocent teen schoolboy (6) to kill her husband and to make it look like a burglary. The schoolboy and his friend were arrested. The widow would have gotten away with murder except a brave schoolgirl (7) taped her conversations. These tapes proved that the widow is "guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt."  The widow is still in prison.

     The truth is different. The widow was not a streetwise college graduate. 6 & 7 were harden criminals. The boy would rape her and the girl would be a witness. If the widow accused the boy of raping her, the girl would say it was consensual and destroy #3's career and marriage. They would order her around and use her car whenever they wanted to.

     As a last gesture of contempt, the two teen hoods played to rob her apartment. They knew one night when the widow would be at a meeting. What about the husband? The girl (7) would find the information and tell the gang that the husband had an appointment that night. It was the only chance they had for a burglary. The girl would make the decision that would end the husband's life.

   At the burglary, there were two boys in the car, ( 9 +10) and two boys broke in. (6+8.)  The husband came home early.  One was #6 with his gay lover (8). The gay lover never met the widow. He also carried a firearm. If they were stopped by the police, he was going to shoot it out.   The boys saw (1) coming. They had minutes to prepare. They could have surrendered or ran. Instead (8) decided to get a kitchen knife while (6) got a candle holder. The jumped (1) and knocked him to his knees. (6) took money out of his wallet. Then he pulled the wedding and broke his finger. (1) reacted and pushed  (6) down. He screamed like a little girl and dropped the wedding ring. (8) shot his pistol through the pocket of his coat into (1)'s head, killing him instantly. The boys fled. In the car ride back the boys sang cheerful songs and laughed.

      A hotline was set up. The boys talked openly, bragging that they got paid by the widow and would soon have lots of money. They said this because it makes them look big and powerful. Saying that they blotched up a simple robbery and had to shoot an unarmed person would make them look weak. Image is everything to criminals.This is what was reported. The police focused on a murder conspiracy.

     The first break was when the leader of this crew (9) went to the police. He told him everything. They were puzzled why he did not mention the murder conspiracy. (9) said that there was no conspiracy, just a simple burglary planned. They would later arrest him. He would pay dearly for telling the truth.

      6,8,10 would be arrested. 7 would be called to the police station. She was worried. In her last brush with the law she escaped jail time because of her good looks. To her surprise, the police were not interested in her important role in the murder. They wanted #7 to wear a wire. She agreed because she knew she was not any danger from the widow. On the tapes, #7 would start the conversation. The subject of the conversation were the rumors that #10 was plea bargaining by claiming that she paid him to kill her husband. #10 was in the car and never met the widow. Adult friends of the widow were telling her that they heard she had been arrested or about to be arrested. Since the widow did not know the role that #7 played in this crime, she talked freely about how she defend herself from these rumors. The widow seems to ramble on and on.  This is because innocent people do not have all the facts of the crime. They often do not know what to say. The arresting detective (11) admitted that the tapes were also edited and parts were erased. The transcripts often disagreed with what the tapes were saying. #7 even admitted she never heard the widow saying anything admitting that she knew or was involved in this crime. this crime.

           The widow was arrested. Her trial was televised. This was to shame her, but it backfired. It was proven to the television audience that the widow never paid anyone to kill her husband, never ordered anyone to kill her husband, and never knew who killed her husband until she was arrested. This usually results in acquittal. This trial was different. A major newspaper (12) which was owned at this time by a famous newspaper (13) bribed a jury member to convict her.

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