Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Battle

You think what is going on behind the scenes at NBC is bad, there is a much bigger fight going on between two family members. Apparently the daughter of the permanent A+ lister named names of those who abused her and for some reason, instead of just going public with the video she made, she reached out to those named that she could find and asked them to comment for her video and told some of them she was naming them as an abuser. It is a list of a dozen or so names and unlike with Corey Feldman, these are not names people already knew or knew he would not get sued for spilling because their lives are already messed up. Anyway, they all went running to the A+ lister which shows they all have a personal connection with him. The A+ lister reached out and convinced the daughter not to release anything. He doesn't have the file though. It is still in the cloud and ready to go.

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