Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Don't Get In Her Way

This actress is A+ list. She got that ranking through movies, but has been doing some television the past few years. When she was younger, her career was kind of floating along. She was hovering at A- list but just couldn't make that jump. Then, through a series of moves, she launched herself much higher. She got a rival actress who was vying for the same type jobs known as a coke addict even though the actress had used coke only once. It took years for that actress to recover from the rumor. When an actor, who is A+ list now tried to get her fired from a movie because she wouldn't sleep with him, she arranged for a friend to go on a date with the actor. The friend, who was a stunt double bruised herself up and called the police on the actor from her car outside his house. The actor never crossed our A+ lister again, but they have never spoken to each other since. Don't even get me started on the revenge on actresses who slept with her boyfriends or husbands. None of them even really work any longer.

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