Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Too Far

The widow has always gone after her detractors and people who stand up to her. Family members and her sycophants follow in lockstep alongside the bot army they pay. Over the past few months, they have tried a different tactic. They have served fake subpoenas which are nothing more than a tool to harass and intimidate people into giving up their will to fight for what they feel is right. People are fighting back and doing so using the FBI. They are calling out the widow and the family for using social media to harass and intimidate and threaten and also knowing the sycophants will join in. Their latest action where they specifically accused one person of defacing a statue of the singer is false and malicious. They know it, but think nothing will happen to them because they feel untouchable. Multiple people have now filed complaints with the FBI and those same people are also hiring lawyers to sue the widow and the family. When that first FBI agent comes knocking, look how fast they all back down. 

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