Monday, August 24, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Resurrection

It has been more than three days, but there has been a resurrection. When the original death announcement was made, there were a fair number of people who didn't really believe this person was dead. However, in the intervening half decade, and with no sighting of the person, the number of believers he was alive, shrank.

The person who supposedly died was a bigamist. He also was a collector like his friend, the billionaire pedophile. The pair were introduced by one of the women the man was married to. That woman is a sister of the the madam/procurer/sexual assaulter. The death of the man coincided with what would have been a blitz of negative media. All of his wealthy and powerful friends would have been forced to distance themselves from him.

In a recent investigation by the federal government that resulted in indictments, it was discovered that not only was one of the people indicted in contact with the "dead" man, but also this former child actor turned accused pedophile/accused rapist/accused child porn producer/shady businessman/presidential candidate. 

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