Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Anniversary Month

February 11, 2019

There are two actresses. Each is A list, even to the point of being permanently A list. They both have adopted children. One likes attention and one is OK with not having as much focused on them. You know both of them. Both are Academy Award winners/nominees. They are both in the running for a new adopted child. The same child. A child that will bring them gobs of publicity that will put them on covers of tabloids for months. The one that likes attention is foreign born. The other actress is not. She wants to get this child and not say anything until she is ready. The foreign born actress thinks the child will get her some roles she is losing out on to younger actresses. The thing is, there is a bidding war for the child. It is entirely possible some other actress or actor or couple could swoop in to get the fame. The cost is almost $500K for one child. Who is this child and why so much? The child was believed to be dead by some. By some. Every other member of the child's "family" is dead in a murder/suicide pact. The thing is though, no one was ever sure if this child was there or not. This child was famous and would have fame at a massive level now when he emerges. There are some out there who are still trying to swing a deal with an A list politician who has a personal viral connection with the child, but he is too old to adopt and just would want the child for a few hours to shoot a commercial. Can a deal be made with the person who has been watching him for much of the past year. They are tired of hiding him and basically keeping him indoors. They reached out to the politician. His people told a PR agency which is how the actresses discovered him. They want to seem altruistic. Maybe it is and maybe it is just for attention. 

Charlize Theron/Sandra Bullock/Bernie Sanders/Devonte Hart

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