Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Anniversary Month

October 3, 2019

A documentary filmmaker spent much of the past year doing interviews and flying back and forth to Asia as she tried to find the answers to a crime that was committed two years ago and had the world's attention, but is rarely discussed now. The filmmaker was inspired by a blind item that I wrote about this time last year with some information a reader in that country provided to me. The filmmaker decided to follow that lead to see where it would go. It went a lot of different directions. Each time she would come back to the US from these trips, she noticed she was being taken into secondary inspections every single time and asked more and more questions about what she was doing and what she was filming. After talking to dozens of people, she managed to finally land an interview with the male subject of the blind from last year. She filmed it. She says it was explosive and took her breath away. She also said that when she arrived at the airport to leave that country and return home to the US, she was accused by that country's immigration that she was smuggling drugs. They detained her at the airport and went through all her bags and body searched her. At the last possible minute they said she was free to go. They threw all her belongings back into bags and hurried her on to the plane. It was not until she was in the air that she realized that at some point they had taken all of her memory cards from the interviews she had filmed during that trip. When she got back to the US, she was accused of smuggling drugs and was detained for multiple hours again. Sometime during her detention in the foreign country, the long flight home and the detention here, that male contact in the foreign country was murdered in a "drug robbery gone bad."

Philippines/Male relative of Marilou Danley (girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock)

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