Saturday, November 28, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

September 13, 2019

The other day, someone reached out and asked me about the death of an author. I hadn't thought about the author in several years. The author died under very strange circumstances. The thing is though, the cause of death was never disclosed. People were waiting for it because there were some questions about how she died and if this A list mogul/wannabe rapper was behind it. He wasn't. One of the reasons he had nothing to do with it was the author had characterized him in the book as, umm manly, which he really liked because the truth is far from that. Stories flooded the media that the author was unstable and a drug addict and had mental issues. This version of events became golden and people just moved on. They stopped asking the tough questions because they had been given the answers they thought they needed. No one was ever given any answers. One of the reasons for that was the person she was sleeping with was a married man who had a ton of money and connections everywhere and with everyone. Our author was talking about confronting the wife of her lover because the author thought that the wealthy man was treating the author poorly, which he was. Apparently this wealthy man decided to kill her. From the beginning, the police knew who did it, but were stalling until they got orders from someone higher up the food chain. This was a very powerful person. Then, the wealthy man died. When he died, everyone just decided that keeping things quiet was the way to go and so they have stayed quiet about it ever since.

 Erica Kennedy/Bling/Sean Combs

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