Thursday, November 12, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Things Were Different

I don't know if they have really made up, but a reunion probably wouldn't have happened if there was not some reaching out. It was a different time when they were shooting their hit sitcom. He was A list and at the time, she was not far behind. At that point in his life, our actor preferred spending time with men rather than women and his co-star used to talk smack to him about his dating preferences. The thing is, as the show became a larger hit, it was not just her talking to him about it, but all his "people," and then the next thing you know he had a girlfriend who became his wife. They couldn't have their huge money maker get caught with a man. It would ruin him. The co-star who talked to him like that is not the same person now she was then. She would probably condemn her old self. You would think this was some show from the 1950's, but it wasn't. It was decades later. All of you know who these two people are. 

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