Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Blind Item #4 - Reader Blind

More than a decade ago, this foreign musician in a foreign A+ band that is now defunct had a bit of legal trouble due to an incident involving him and a family member and police.  The diehard fans of the band and the band's PR machine were quick to jump on this as nothing and criticize the police for brutality and overreach.

But the details of the arrest show the family member used racial epithets to refer to the performer he interrupted and also knocked down a few women in his drunken rampage.  Later, when the police tried to arrest the family member who was resisting, the band member physically tried to prevent this and punched a police officer in the face and knocked a female police officer down a flight of stairs resulting in her hospitalization.

The band he was part of always had a reputation of getting along together well but privately the member of the band who is now deceased said "Every band has an A***ole. He is ours" referring to the band member above.

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