Friday, March 26, 2021

Four For Friday - Bad Game Show Behavior

Some of these involve contestants, so in that case, you can just guess the show.

#1 - This contestant set a record at that time for winnings on this game show that has aired on and off for over fifty years. He used an alias for the show. When his episodes aired, it was discovered he was a world class swindler and wanted by multiple state and federal jurisdictions. 

#2 - One game show known for celebrity guests who were more akin to sexual predators, had a rule. At least half the contestants each week had to be blonde, young, and not allowed to wear a bra.

#3 - This game show host who also did some acting in memorable roles in his career was doing coke with a contestant in his dressing room and also having sex with her. She did so much coke she overdosed and an ambulance had to be called. No one could find her top, so she went to the hospital in a shirt with the show's name on it. Oh, and she was married, so her husband had a big shock when he heard what happened.

#4 - This host is still hosting, after a long career as an actor. His first game show gig was not a traditional game show. He was known for sending assistants into the audience if he saw someone attractive and gave bonuses if they could find someone who wanted to hook up with him.

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