Friday, March 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 19, 2021

The world is filled with fan groups and forums dedicated to various famous people, and there are always those that would prey on the gullible. Deep fake scammers are the latest twist on the old con.

However, there is a series of events that has the fan forums buzzing. At first it was the old is she or isn’t she a girlfriend debate. The PR maven came out swinging, getting the gossip debunking site to state that there wasn’t a girlfriend, and threatening those that would post that there was.

But after all the photos staged for readily available paparazzi and all the articles favorable to someone age appropriate, the general consensus is that the subject is the girlfriend. After all, she shows up everywhere with him now.

While overseas, she had a meeting with one fan club, and with opportunities to meet the actor, they are now fanatic fans of hers, promoting her projects and attacking others.

Many others are watching, catching each little detail, documenting every lie and personal attack. Each social media post draws the attacks to report posts, getting the social media account blocked or deleted as a way of silencing criticism. It has gone so far that the girlfriend has gotten a restraining order against one poor, infirm older lady, accusing her of harassing and stalking by using multiple social media accounts.

Where is the actor in all this? In the court records, the lawyer clearly states that he is representing the girlfriend and the actor. This is setting a buzz that he is complicit and not just an innocent victim.

Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves

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