Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Permanent Solution

When this foreign born former A list mostly movie actor started an affair with this A- list actress who is a celebrity offspring, he thought it would be a movie set fling. Both were married, and our actor, who is an Emmy and Oscar winner/nominee thought this would be no different. Our actress, who is an Oscar winner/nominee was unhappy in her marriage to a serial philandering actor and wanted a change. She wasn't going to dump her husband unless it was a sure thing. When she asked her co-star about their future, he was very vague. The actress was having none of that. She made sure the wife of her co-star knew there was an affair. Whether it was an audio recording or video recording, no one is saying, but it was one of the two, mailed via snail mail. When the actor found out, he was furious, but our actress did the trick he liked so much and they ended up together for a long time until he cheated on her with someone he met on a set.

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