Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #21

April 19, 2021

It is super rare for this organization to just let one of their former members go without some sort of compensation or to go after them for all eternity should there be a bad break. This is especially true with their most prominent members. Now, many of you might not think of this celebrity as prominent, and you would not be wrong. But several decades ago he was an A list singer who also acted in a variety of roles mostly chosen for their ability to show off his looks and get young people to watch. At the time he joined the organization they were thrilled to have him and the founder of the organization himself took great interest in our singer/actor. They became super close. Because of their closeness, the founder created a project that would feature our singer/actor. You would then think this guy must be a pillar of the organization. Nope. You see, our singer/actor enjoyed coke and heroin and any other drug he could get his hands on. He was also at the time very popular with women and he was sleeping his way through the organization and also introducing/enabling/participating in drug use with them, including others who were pillars and the faces of the organization. They couldn't do anything to stop him and it took a long time to convince the founder to part ways with the singer/actor. They were happy to see him leave and really try their hardest to not claim him as ever being a member.

Leif Garrett/L. Ron Hubbard/Scientology

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