Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #25

March 28, 2021

Last week I wrote about a back in the day teen singer who was beloved in his group. I wrote about how he is being used and abused by those closest to him. Here is some more of what is happening.

He hired someone four years ago who was in her 20's to handle office work. He is nearing 80. His personal assistant left and she just assumed the role, took over the office and started firing people right and left. She fired personal friends of his, changed passwords on staff and had them escorted out, took over his social media and posted as him, etc. She is the only staff member now and lives in his house with him. She says she takes care of him, but no one believes it. 

She said in her twitter account her aim is to keep him high all the time. Every time he is on video to his fans, he is smoking weed or preparing to smoke a joint. She has blocked  every friend on his media. People can't get in touch with him.

He's not in the throes of dementia. One of the fans is a nurse and she has said he's in his right mind when he is not stoned out of his gourd. And he's not pissing himself. However, his health is going down the tubes fast. He's diabetic and had a quadruple heart bypass. He's lost a lot of weight, a lot of muscle mass, he's haggard, fatigued all the time and looks like shit. This is all due to her. She feeds him stuff like biscuits and gravy, pork chops, cupcakes, all things an elderly diabetic heart patient shouldn't have at all.

She's got him confined to the house and has isolated him from everyone but her. His kids aren't allowed to visit, friends can't talk to him, she's got his phone as well so no one can talk to him, ever.

Then late last year, she announced she wasn't going to accept any mail or packages. Now he isn't getting letters or presents in the mail. No one can reach him directly-he is never alone. She controls all of his time, his media, his phone, his friends and family. He is isolated from everyone. If he is chatting with a fan on a Zoom meeting, she is sitting right next to him or is behind the camera.

She posts for him, and he hasn't posted as himself since August. 

He had a girlfriend a couple years ago and had to break up with her because his assistant threatened to kill herself and had a huge tantrum one day when asked to make reservations at a restaurant for the former singer and his girlfriend, breaking equipment in the office. 

Mike Nesmith/The Monkees

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