Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #27

April 7, 2021

Most directors and producers love to find someone with bottomless wealth who fancies themselves a Hollywood producer. They especially love it if the person with the money is not all that bright and also doesn't really care if they make a return on their investment. All of these rolled up into person is hard to find. Once you land one of these people, you don't let them go. That is why it is still shocking to me to this day that one of these hidden gems only did the movie thing once. The first movie out for this hidden gem was an Oscar winner for Best Picture. He gave out the money for the movie with no questions asked. You would think people would be lining up to take his money. After that first movie, there were some, but they were essentially con men pretending they had a movie. The real movie people stayed away from the guy who had billions to throw around. Why? On the set of the Oscar winning movie, our financier, was giving away bags of coke to anyone who wanted them and was partying day and night with the cast and crew. The director finally had enough and threw him off the set. There was so much buzz about that set, that no one really wanted to take his money again. All of you know who this person is, and it isn't a drug dealer.

Dodi Fayed/"Chariots of Fire"

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