Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 4, 2021

I have written about this family before. I have written how extremely messed up it has been for decades. You had the mom who was the stage mom from hell. She would do whatever it took to make her kids famous. She loved sexing up her youngest child (A- list) to make producers want to cast her. There was a huge fight and the daughter went her own direction, which was under the tutelage of her older sister. Her older sister had also been an actress but will never get as high on the ladder. The older sister runs an acting school and is in the middle of a nasty divorce because she was sexting and hooking up with a client. The older sister has her own kids and she stage moms them much the way her own mother did. That would be crazy enough, but there is so much more. How about the time, during an acting class she made her students use a loaded gun for a scene, so it would feel more real. Oh, and then lied to the police about it. How about the charging students you manage, coaching fees, even though that is illegal. How about that production of Grease that you didn't buy rights to and that you ever so slightly tweaked to try and get away with it. You don't even call it Grease any longer, but charged people to come watch it. Does your actress daughter know you spent all her money that wasn't protected in her Coogan account? Are you going to pay her back? How about the charging of students to make a film in your classes and then taking producer credits on the short films they make? You really have turned into your mother.

Crystal Workman/Ariel Winter/Shanelle Workman/"Gray Studios LA"/Skylar Gray

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