Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #43

April 8, 2021

They are not allowed to say it. They are afraid to say it. They know they could end up dead if they say it. It is incredible to watch the linguistic gymnastic going on in a trial where a couple, but not all of the players know the real story but can't actually say anything. In the past, I have written and spoken about parts of this, but watching the trial play out is something else. You need to go back in time almost five years. There is a meeting between the ruler/killer and the now dead billionaire pedophile. Right after that meeting the ruler/killer had a meeting with the wealthy guy/book seller. The dead pedophile made much of his living off blackmail and extortion and doing dirty work for people and governments. He also did a ton of middleman stuff between countries and arms dealers. The ruler/killer was one of his biggest clients and someone you didn't cross. At some point after the ruler/killer met with the book seller, the pedophile was told to get dirt on him. 

The pedophile and the book seller didn't always cross paths but the pedophile knew enough people that did. Once every few months, the book seller's phone would be cloned. Not only did the pedophile know what was going on, but the ruler/killer did too. They always wanted leverage. That is their thing. That has always been their thing in New Orleans too. Anyway, after a few years of doing this, the pedophile hits pay dirt. Literal pay dirt. The ruler/killer is ecstatic. At some point, either the ruler/killer or the pedophile overplayed their hand. The pedophile met with the ruler/killer overseas and when he returned was arrested, jailed and killed. The ruler/killer was not about to speak, but the pedophile would have. 

Now, in the present day no one can decide who was the source of the information. At least two of the parties know, but they can't say anything. One of the parties has no idea and is flailing around trying to somehow walk away with money and probably wondering how all of this happened. 

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman/Jeffrey Epstein/Jeff Bezos/Michael Sanchez defamation trial

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