Sunday, July 04, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #49 - Kindness

June 29, 2021

Was she my favorite actress? That is a loaded question. She insisted that she was. People always ask me who are the nice ones out there, whether it be actors or actresses. She was the nicest. I always called her the Kevin Bacon of actresses. There seemed to be a time where she was in every movie and every television show at the same time. You could connect her to anyone. She suffered the indignity of being cheated on by her higher on the list actor husband in a very high profile on set affair. Everyone was crushed for her because she was always so kind. She once made a huge donation at an event to get a walk on role in a movie because she wanted to give to the organization, but also because she knew she could talk the director into getting another dozen or so people walk on roles. Each of those dozen donated to the same charity. She did the walk on thing in the movie and said it was glorious because her name wasn't going to be in the credits and she just soaked in the environment. It was a massive hit movie. 

She was in plenty of hits. She was always the dependable lead actress. Nothing spectacular, but if you needed a comic actress, she was there. She had the best stories and always had time for everyone. About a decade prior to her death, she got sick. She didn't tell anyone, but it kept her from working for several years. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she did a million things for a million people. She was always calling and asking for donations or if I knew someone who could help do something for someone. You didn't say no to her. She loved calling using different accents or as different people or characters. She wanted you to have fun when she called, even if she was hurting or in pain. When she was able to go back to work, she went at it full steam. She poured herself into whatever roles she could for the last few years of her life. She was back where she had been, seemingly shooting movies and shows nonstop. It went like that right until the day she suddenly died. 

To not get those phone calls or quirky emails any longer was crushing. She did so much for so many and she is very much missed.

Glenne Headly/John Malkovich/"Dangerous Liaisons"/Michelle Pfeiffer/"The X-Files: Fight the Future"

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