Thursday, July 22, 2021

Today's Blind Items - One For The Books

This is kind of Old Hollywood because it did happen back in the 1940's. That being said, it involved someone who died not all that long ago and took the secret to his grave. It also involves yet another person who is very much alive and very much a Hollywood presence in all matter of gossip and debauchery. Plus, he made a lot of films. This is about one of those films. Even though this man is known for his stories, he is not allowed to share it. He sold the rights to it for all time. He sold it to Larry Flynt. Now that Larry is dead, what will become of the story. There was a movie made nearly 80 years ago and it starred our actor/author. The movie was so scandalous it ended up in the Supreme Court in California. The story that has been sold is about one of the men in the movie with all of these gay themes. Larry Flynt didn't want anyone to know a certain man was in the movie and paid a great deal of money to keep it quiet. More than once, the man tried to become an A++ lister. The question is whether he succeeded.

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