Friday, August 13, 2021

Four For Friday - The Editor

You all know the disgraced former A list director (#1). You all know the group of people who surround him. The people who protect him. The people who helped him get away with what he did. The con man/ presidential candidate (#2). The foreign born A- list actor (#3). The Oscar winner/ nominee that is A list in something other than acting or directing (#4). What you don't know is that these people weren't always his biggest protectors and compatriots. That  dishonor goes to this now alliterate, now former magazine editor most of you don't know. (#5)

Our editor was the longest running editor of a magazine (#6) that is the biggest magazine in a certain genre of film (#7). It is a genre that our director is NOT heavily associated with. Our director made one film (#8) in that genre as a director, and that is how our editor met him. Despite controversies on that film, our editor became the director's friend. When the director made a film that would send him to the A list (#9), our editor was by his side. For several years, they would attend events together. Festivals. And they would go out on the town together, picking up barely legal young men to have sex with. Our director was young and single, but our editor was married. However, they spent many nights together looking for young men to do their bidding.

Both would continue with their ways, even after their busy schedules began to make them drift apart. The director would eventually have his sins catch up to him, but no one ever questioned the editor about how he preyed on young boys in his own chosen genre and because he maintained a much smaller profile than the director, its possible no one ever will.

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