Monday, August 09, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Company

Several years ago I wrote and revealed a blind about the investments of this permanent A list rapper and his permanent A list wife. The investments were bizarre, unethical, but at the time, very much legal. When they became illegal, they got out. At the same time they got out from those, they were invited by this pro sports owner to invest in a private equity firm based in Europe. The owner served on a board with the CEO of the firm. He stated there were other celebrity investors, including this foreign born A list singer in an A list group and also this permanent A lit singer from one of the most iconic groups of all time. Although, this private equity firm invests in banal stuff, they have made it one of their specialties to invest in medical product companies. That sounds super bring too, until you dig a little deeper. One of the companies they bought (which was based in the same state as the sports owner) had a different name a decade ago when they were busted for selling human tissue and body parts without the proper permits. The company used brokers who paid cash for body parts and then sold them to the medical product companies who used them in millions of different products. 

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