Friday, May 13, 2022

Four For Friday - Bar Fights

Two of my all time favorite bar fights with four names. There are better stories, but these I actually got to see.

This former A- list actress was at her peak or thereabouts. It was before she got the really bad plastic surgery. She drank a lot and she was a happy drunk until she wasn't. It was a delicate balancing act. One night, she had passed the point of no return when this now A+ list mostly movie actor walked in with a woman who would much much later become his wife. The night before though, he had spent the night with our actress. When she saw the actor, it was game on. Everyone got out of her way and she went up to the actor and let him have it for a solid 10 minutes. Nonstop without seemingly taking a breath about just how awful he is and went on and on. The actor just stood there with his arms crossed until the actress finished. He then walked past her with his date. Our actress tried to spray champagne on him but there wasn't anything left in the bottle. Three nights later she was back at his place sleeping with him again.

This multiple named actor had been trying to sleep with one of his co-stars that you all know from a show all of you know about a body of water. He had been laying it on thick. It was all crap and he was at a bar one night and fondling any woman who was close enough for him to touch, whether they wanted him to or not. One of them did, and they started making out and it looked like he was going to try and hook up right there in the bar. Our actress walked up and confronted him and our actor who was drunk called the actress some not very nice things and a waitress just happened to walk by and kicked the actor right in the groin and then kept on walking, all while balancing a tray.

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