Thursday, May 12, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Don't Ask

 It's funny that if you ask or mention or joke about this A- list singer who used to be higher on the list and also used to act, about killing her husband, she doesn't like it, but won't rip your head off. In fact, sometimes she will sit down and offer up a 30 minute to hour long lecture on why it isn't possible or this and that. You can tell she has given the same speech many times over the years. It probably just varied on whatever drugs or mood she was in at the time while speaking. There is a super trigger in her life though. A trigger that I got to see only once. It was after a meditation session where I knew she would be and although I hated them, I knew afterwards there would be a refreshment thing where everyone gathered and she often let her guard down in things like that. Plus, there were some other celebrities there who were also supposed to appear. Someone came up to her and didn't accuse her of killing this A list bassist, but simply asked why she thought the bassist died or the circumstances around it. Our A- list singer lost her mind at the questioner and spent a solid 15 minutes yelling at the person. Hey, aren't we all supposed to be relaxed after the meditation. Yeah, it doesn't work. Ever since that day, I have always thought the A- list singer was somehow involved in the death of the bassist.

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