Thursday, May 26, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Don't Share Your Screen

I told you about a certain Gen Z political internet personality a few months ago, who is notorious for broadcasting rants of hatred against women, Jews, gays, and nearly every minority group. Let's call him Fan for short.

I described how the root of Fan's hatred stems from the fact that he is deeply closeted, and involuntarily celibate.  Fan has not engaged in a relationship with a man, due to the risk of being outed, which he knows would cause his audience to abandon and shame him.

In the past few weeks, Fan made a number of public statements, which no heterosexual man would ever make.  Many news articles were published repeating those statements, openly questioning his sexual preference.

Very recently, Fan posted a short video clip to an account, which he was using to evade a prior ban, on the bird social media site.  In the clip, Fan shifted between open tabs, comparing the higher number of recent internet searches of his name, to the lower numbers for a couple of his detractors.   

At the time, Fan didn't realize that another tab was open on his device, which he did not want anyone to know about.   The tab was momentarily visible to his audience, which indicated that he was watching a type of fetishized pornography targeted towards gay and trans men.  

Some of Fan's followers noticed this, questioned him, and the post was archived in the few minutes before Fan deleted it.  

A key part of Fan's message espouses purity, anti-pornography, and traditional religious values.  That façade has also just been revealed as completely fake.

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