Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Image Is Everything - The JS Files

Every single one of you know this A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Let us call her JS. If I asked you to use one word to describe her, most of you would say something along the lines of sweet. I would go with cunning or possibly manipulative. I get asked a lot who is not the person that is their image. This actress is at the top of the list. Lets go back in time to her very first big break. She is a teenager and she may have even not been legal when it was filmed. Even back then, she knew she wanted to be a star. JS wanted to be the one everyone discussed and hyped. She saw a threat to that in another actress in the movie and started a rumor campaign that was next level. JS knew what she was doing and the actress, who everyone loved, never worked again. Poof. Gone. 

One thing JS had not counted on is that she thought she would get lots of roles after her first. She thought she was going to be a star. There were tiny things, but she had been counting on big things. Big was her problem. A casting director finally told JS that she was a fine size in the real world, but not so much in the acting world. So, our sweet actress went on a crash diet and became an Adderall fiend and did everything she could to become the tiny person she is today. She doesn't exercise. She medicates and purges but that isn't in her official biography. 

Now, with her new tiny frame, she was ready to be big again. JS needed a role and there was a very up and coming director who was going to do a movie that could launch her career. So, she slept with him. She did everything he wanted and she got the role and she kept sleeping with him until the film was released and then never spoke to him again. It devastated him because he was convinced they were going to be together forever. He didn't work for two years because he was so crushed.

That movie did exactly what JS thought it would do. It launched her career into A list territory. 

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