Friday, July 22, 2022

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups - Old Hollywood Version - Mr. X

#1 - Author of a trashy ‘60s book with characters based on celebrities which became an even trashier cult film with this A-list pop-eyed comedian/actor/singer/philanthropist when the future author was still a Broadway starlet in the early ‘40s.

#2 - The flame haired A-list actor/comedian who was deeply closeted and this A/B-list actor who came out later in his life, ironically when they were making a sanitized musical biopic about a kiddie lit author who was closeted

#3 - This foreign born A/B-list actress best known for a B-movie series titled after her nickname and for being married to an actor/athlete had a laundry list of flings that aren’t widely known: the permanent A-list actor/swashbuckler/studio founder (which is alleged to have been the beginning of the end for his marriage to another permanent A-lister); the foreign born A-list multiple Oscar winner/nominee at the beginning of his long career, she left scratch marks down his back after they had an intense night of sex, which didn’t make the actor’s wife too happy when she discovered it; the foreign born bandleader/actor and future sitcom star/producer/studio head before and during the early years of his marriage to his permanent A-list wife; and that comedian/actor with a large proboscis whom she costarred in several films with.

#4 - When it was announced that this permanent A-list singer/actress was to attend the March on Washington in 1963, the head of the TV network where her (soon to be unfortunately canceled) variety series aired, whom she already had butted heads with, panicked. After she had already set to fly to Washington DC they told her that affiliates in the South would pull her show if she attended and they told her to cancel her trip (which she begrudgingly did). Her response? “Let them pull the show! They can shove their burning cross up their asses!” She later quietly helped pay for lodging and food expenses for several groups of civil rights activists traveling cross country to the March.

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